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DJ Thaddeus Oddfellow

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DJ Thaddeus OddFellow

Vinyl Collector / Turntablist and Trip Hop Producer / Spins Old-School Deep • Progressive • Left Field House and Avant-Garde Experimental Sounds On Vinyl

The Who



DJ Thaddeus OddFellow has been DJ'ing since the mid 90's. He curated his sound at the cultural confluence of the 90's Rave, Hip-Hop and Grunge scenes. An avid music enthusiast and vinyl collector who has an impressive record collection that covers everything from rare Chicago House gems, UK Rave, D.C. Punk, obscure Foreign Jazz Fusion, Golden Era Hip-Hop to the Grateful Dead. 

A Tech Enthusiast and SVP who works in the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence space DJ OddFellow © chooses to keep it Old- School Analog spinning mainly vinyl only sets. Adjusting to the new normal of Covid he currently holds several virtual residencies broadcasting from London, New York City and San Francisco and has showcased his all vinyl sets at SXSW and various after-parties, nightclubs and art galleries in the US over the years. 


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